ACONABIKH in total protects more than 100 hectares of forest, and for ecotourism we have designed two routes so that you can enjoy its main attractions. One route is short, and the other takes a little longer, but all the routes have a smooth profile, with very few slopes, rest areas, bird watching reference points, crossing ravines and properly conditioned bridges, there are a great biodiversity and density of it in all the routes, a great expression of flora and fauna.

Our Routes

Route 1: Hummingbirds and Viewpoints

It is a route that does not involve much walking, but it will take at least an hour to enjoy the views. From the reception booth we go first to Mirador 1 to see the hummingbirds (more than 15 species), it is one of the most impressive things that the nature of Peru offers us. Then, we pass through the partridge viewpoint (Cinereous Tinamou) and a forest of heliconias, to reach Viewpoint 2, which gives an impressive 360° view of the Cordillera Escalera. Going down, you walk towards the natural pool (it lends itself to a dip) and fish farm (you can fish). Then we return to the Reception Booth.

Route 2: Maximum Experience

In addition to route 1, we added a circuit through the small lagoon, through the primary forest, the giant tree, the Oso waterfall (where you can take a bath in its virgin waters) and the Manaki viewpoint (golden-headed manakin and its charms). In this walk of approximately 2 hours we observe many palm trees, ferns, heliconias, bromeliads and orchids, butterflies, amphibians, frogs, fungi, exotic plants, muzgos, invertebrates and many species of birds in their wild life.


Every person who enjoys birds and their observation must respect wildlife, its environment and the rights of others. In any conflict of interest between birds and their observers, the welfare of the birds and their environment comes first.