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Koepcke’s Hermit Aconabikh


We are a non-profit non-governmental organization based in the Cordillera Escalera – San Martín Region – Peru, created with the purpose of conserving the existing natural areas in the Cordillera Escalera. Initially focused its objectives on the reforestation of areas degraded by agriculture and livestock in the buffer zone of the Cordillera with the insertion of the different varieties of Heliconias existing in the area and the reforestation of timber species in danger of extinction. Currently, ACONABIKH has as main objective the conservation of flora and fauna in their natural state.

The conservation component of ACONABIKH extends to the protection of birds and their ecosystems, as well as the biological diversity found in their humid and cloud forests. Among the protected species is the Koepcke’s Hermit (Phaethornis koepckeae) – also known as the Hermit of Koepcke, endemic hummingbird of Peru.


Our Mission


It is to contribute to the conservation of birds and the existing biodiversity in the Cordillera Escalera and to promote the development of rural ecological tourism through the sustainable development of natural resources, among which are the environment, flora and fauna.


Our Vision


By 2025, ACONABIKH will be one of the leading companies in San Martin in the field of Bird Watching, in the Conservation of Biodiversity and Forest Restoration of the Cordillera Escalera.





Our heart is pure conservation

Committed to protect and conserve the mountain range and its biodiversity


Much more than just taking care of the flora and fauna of the area, we seek to restore the forest and its habitats with potential resources of water, ecosystems and altitudes. We also promote sustainable tourism. We always seek to create bonds between people and nature through corporate social responsibility.

15000+Reforested plants
700+Registered species
1000+Tours made

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Renatto Grández

“It is a great place, it transmits peace and allows us to appreciate how wonderful nature is. Undoubtedly extraordinary!”

Maik Landacay

“It was an incredible experience! 100% recommended”

Marjury Isuiza

“I lived a unique and unforgettable experience, totally recommended 👍🏻”