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Services provided in  Aconabikh



Guiding Service

We offer prior coordination of nature guided services, bird watching, other environmental and / or biological specializations, sustainable tourism, groups must be according to the profile of the visitor.

Food service

All kinds of food is provided, provided it is coordinated with due anticipation and according to the number of visitors; but there are very healthy menus based on fish, vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits.

Hosting Service

It provides facilities for camping accommodation service, near the reservation or hotel in Tarapoto or Banda de Shilcayo.

The first and most important service we provide is to display, maintain and constantly replace the flora and fauna of the ACONABIKH Reserve in the Heart of the Escalera Mountain Range, so that visitors can observe nature with all its beauty and originality dimension, with a high density of it, offering many species in a small territory with safety and segurity.