Routes for birdwatching in the heart of the ridge ladder.

ACONABIKH offers three routes for Birdwatching in a total route in the “Cápac Ñan” of ACONABIKH of approximately 4.7 km, distributed in the Network of Roads where you can enjoy the “true paradise of birds”. All the routes have a soft profile, with very few slopes, rest areas, bird watching reference points, which cross the ravines and well-conditioned bridges, there is a great biodiversity and density of the same in all the routes, a great Expression of flora and fauna.



It is a short route, one hour, with very smooth walks, without slopes and leaving the main entrance and reception booth, to head east, we reach the area of ​​”kimsacucha” (three cochas) we passed through the Mirador 1 , we went through the “feeder” of Cinereous Tinamou and then we went to Mirador 2 (five floors) and the feeder of hummingbirds, to return to the reception booth.

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In this case, it may be of one hour or three hours, depending on the profile, activity and climate; in this case we can leave the main entrance and reception booth to the right for Mirador 1 and the water springs or go directly to Mirador 2 of the feeder of hummingbirds; in this route we observe many heliconias, bromeliads and orchids.

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On the third ACONABIKH route, approximately 3 km of the road network of the “Capac Ñan” of ACONABIKH will be crossed. We can start from the reception house and always go towards the east and go up to 1200 meters above sea level, we appreciate a conserved forest and biodiversity of species of butterflies, frogs, toads, fungi, trees, lichens, mosses, ropes, lianas; 6 streams are crossed in total, which indicates the water factor in all its dimension and the main ecosystem services that ACONABIKH has.