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Guide of Birdwatching in Aconabikh

Hilder delgado


He was born in Jaén – Cajamarca and lives 10 years ago in the Caserío El Progreso in Tarapoto, very close to ACONABIKH since 2013, he has been accompanying in his valorization, in the restoration of the forest, in the reforestation of native species, in the factor water and in the conservation of biodiversity and the Cordillera Escalera; he has become a lover of Birdwatching and is required by the “hardcore” to guide them in Aconabikh to see especially his conceited the Hermit of Koepcke.



Ángel is “Shapajino” 20 minutes from Tarapoto, a coastal town on the Huallaga River, he studied Environmental Engineering at the UNSM, where he showed that his childhood and youth in the tropical cloud forest of San Martin taught him to listen and distinguish not only birds but all the flora and fauna, these house one of the largest area of ​​biodiversity on the planet, the same refers us: … “Peru has 84 ecosystems of the world’s 103 and 28 climates of the 32 of the world as well; he has been a Birdwatching specialist for two years and has shown a great deal of attention for the Cordillera Escalera and Aconabikh, he thinks the research is very important and will continue with what he started with having a super bird list.



He grew up and studied in Tarapoto to then go to live in Moyobamba and study at the National University of San Martin – Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Engineering in his mind and his heart develops as a professional, his blood runs the passion of being part of the sustainable development of the Amazon as a researcher and promoter of processes; considers very important the code of ethics for the birdwatcher, since that helps us in many things of life, as simple as observing a bird, but so important and significant to identify and know their customs and behaviors according to their habitat and others; It is in a learning stage for bird watching, but at a good level thanks to its English language. He participated in the last Globay Big Day in Aconabikh and finished in second place in the Bird Competition in Rioja (SUGKA YUJATAI – set 2018).